Culturally appropriate, specialist support for at risk youth

We deliver supports and interventions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to avoid or exit the justice system

Gr8motive runs programs aimed at assisting at risk youth to avoid entry into the justice system or to meet the requirements of ordered statutory interventions, rehabilitate and live rewarding lives.

Our proudly Indigenous team, with existing community connections specialises in delivering supports to youth who demonstrate extremely challenging behaviours that are antisocial, disruptive, self-damaging and often aggressive. 

Our program participants are often running out of options and refuse to engage in mainstream programs or with other youth groups/support groups. 

Trauma informed supports to produce long lasting behavioural improvements

The youth participating in our programs usually suffer from traumatic experiences, multiple placement breakdowns and have experienced disrupted attachments, unsafe living environments, disempowerment and inappropriate peer groups.

These youth may have experiences in substance abuse, neglect, anxiety and depression.  They are marginalised and often disconnected from education and have a high rate of social-emotional issues, and often engage in criminal behaviours.

Our supports leverage expertise in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, coupled with cultural programs to re-establish cultural connections and develop long lasting positive behaviours and skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

On Country programs and cultural teachings from Indigenous Elders and mentors

Gr8motive is committed to providing cultural programs for disadvantaged youth to re-establish cultural connections and establish values, respect and trust. The objective is to motivate, develop and support young people, so they can make the right choices to shape their futures. 

Our On Country programs are run on secure and private properties with local Elders and Indigenous program leaders providing cultural mentoring and leading interactive and therapeutic activities designed to:

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Develop and improve life skills and the ability to self-manage behaviours

Ongoing, wrap-around supports are provided upon return to their placement and community.

Awarded contract to deliver cultural support programs to youth in Townsville

In 2020, the Queensland Department of Youth Justice awarded Gr8motive the contract to deliver a cultural support response to address young people’s connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, self-identity, and standard of living.

The program will include On Country components, destigmatise young people as offenders and reposition them as proud cultural people, with a purpose to contribute positively to their local community and mainstream society. Ultimately, it seeks to eliminate offending and achieve greater participation in education and economic life.

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As a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, Gr8motive relies on government funding and donations from the community to deliver our important programs.