Building a better future for Indigenous families and communities

Affordable rental housing for Indigenous, First Australians

Gr8motive aims to provide affordable rental housing for Indigenous, First Australians on very low to moderate incomes.  This is in line with our mission to build better futures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as their families and communities, through the improvement of housing conditions and access to safe housing options.

Gr8motive values the significance of Indigenous, First Australian people having the ability to continue living within or close to their communities and families.


Specialist housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and those living with disability

Gr8motive is a specialist housing provider for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and people living with disability.  We pride ourselves on having the right attitude, knowledge and skills needed to deliver culturally appropriate and respectful services that are essential to securing and retaining suitable housing.

Our services include:

  • Tenancy management
  • Long-term Shared Housing for eligible NDIS participants approved for Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Asset management
  • Tenant support programs
  • Community engagement
  • Property development and management

Culturally appropriate tenancy management and advocacy

Gr8motive understand that having a home is part of having a fresh new start for individuals and families.  Our trained Community Housing team appreciate that every tenant has their own story to tell and ensure that we deliver tailored housing and tenancy solutions matched to the individual’s needs.

Our services include advocating on behalf of potential tenants and liaising with tenant support agencies and government to ensure specific housing needs are met.

All Gr8motive properties will be managed by trained staff that have direct access to specialist supported housing, asset, and health coordination teams.  We make it our mission to support tenants on their new journey and help them make a positive step towards independent living.

Collaborative partnerships to deliver housing options for those unable to live in mainstream housing

Our Community Housing efforts are underpinned by strong partnerships with like-minded organisations who enable us to engage more people and services that can deliver valuable opportunities for our tenants.

Gr8motive works in collaboration with the ITEC Group Australia and national engineering and construction companies.  Through these partnerships, our aim is to build and offer housing that is designed for people living with disability and people who are unable to live in mainstream housing options. We believe that new builds, brought out of positive collaboration and partnerships, bring much needed dwellings that assist with preventing homelessness and breaking other destructive cycles.

These collaborations also provide pathways to employment, training and NDIS programs for tenants, as well as offering long-term, sustainable outcomes to local communities through the creation of local construction jobs, development programs and ongoing management services.

Our organisation will be registered and operate under the National Regulatory System Community Housing (NRSCH).


Opportunities for new Community Housing collaborations

Operating in various locations around the country, we are presently developing our Community Housing model and are open to discussing opportunities for collaboration with complimentary and like-minded organisations. To discuss these opportunities, please contact us.

To discuss how Gr8motive can assist you or Indigenous, First Australians in your community:

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As a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, Gr8motive relies on government funding and donations from the community to deliver our important programs.