Community learning and job placement solutions

Providing mentoring and job placement opportunities through community engagement and participation

Gr8motive’s partnerships with ITEC Group Australia and ITEC Housing provide pathways to our employment and training programs and offer long-term, sustainable outcomes to local communities through the creation of local employment on construction and development programs and ongoing management services.

We work with organisations, providing cultural advice in the delivery of projects to ensure they meet the cultural needs of the community in which they are delivered. We facilitate community engagement and participation, increasing acceptance and success of projects and desired outcomes.

Real training and job solutions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

We are committed to providing practical training and job solutions to community, for Indigenous people to become self-sufficient and provide for their families.

To discuss how Gr8motive can assist you or Indigenous, First Australians in your community:

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As a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, Gr8motive relies on government funding and donations from the community to deliver our important programs.