Protecting children and young people from harm or neglect

Providing safe and stable care for Indigenous children who have been harmed, or are at risk of harm or neglect

Gr8motive works with children who require protection from harm or neglect, which can have a detrimental effect on their physical or emotional health, development, and wellbeing. Trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or the unwillingness or inability for parents to care for a child may see children placed under statutory care orders for their safety.

Stable and supportive foster, kinship and kin placements

We identify stable and supportive accommodation, either through a Safe House, or through sourcing foster, kinship or kin placements with trusted individuals or extended family members. Our team has existing community connections built through the work we do, but also through bloodlines and marriage networks.

To best support a child or young person in need, we work with community members to undertake a mapping exercise to define the young person’s genealogy and the community around them. This captures not only differences between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, but also the cultural differences between and within family groups, clan groups and kinship systems.

We understand family kinship connections and will often have direct knowledge of histories of the family of the young person. This enables us to identify and secure safe housing with those who will assist the young person to feel loved and supported, while building resilience and their decision-making capability.

Short and long-term placements with a view to safe reunification

We work with relevant state and territory departments to provide ongoing case management and ensure the needs of the child continue to be met. Where safe, plans will be made to support the child’s reunification with their family and their community.

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