Strong and established partnerships to deliver culturally appropriate services across the country

Gr8motive is honoured to collaborate with other socially supportive and culturally appropriate service providers in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory. These include ITEC Group Australia, Indigenous Empowerment Network, RAM Supply Co and First Australian Technology.

ITEC Group Australia

To increase and improve our capacity and service delivery, Gr8motive established a working relationship within ITEC Group Australia business ecosystem. Together we will operate in identified areas of business to promote and deliver services that benefit indigenous individuals and groups. With an already large national footprint, ITEC Group Australia have been operating for over 25 years within varying areas delivering support and services in and around health, disabilities, child safety, families, mental health, employment, housing and more. Together, Gr8motive and ITEC Group Australia collaboratively deliver socially supportive and human rights focussed services that are:
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Based on local community knowledge and connections, and
  • Empower both indigenous and non-indigenous people alike.
We bring together Gr8motive’s experienced team of indigenous case coordinators who are committed to providing family supports and child protection services in a culturally appropriate way, and ITEC’s tested and successful trauma-informed model of service delivery and geographical reach. With ITEC’s strong presence and positive reputation in these fields, Gr8motive believe this partnership will greatly benefit the individuals, their families and the community we endeavour to support. The ITEC Group of companies include: ITEC Health, ITEC Youth, ITEC Housing, ITEC Littlees, and ITEC Employment.

RAM Supply Co

RAM Supply Co is a 50% Indigenous-owned Work and Sportswear retailer, supplying apparel, safety gear and promotional items to remote and regional organisations. As part of our commitment to achieving positive outcomes for community through common goals, Gr8motive will continue to promote partnerships with Indigenous organisations, such as RAM Supply Co, in the community and also use them to source clothing for our own staff delivering important projects in the field.

First Australian Technology

First Australian Technology is an Indigenous-owned IT solutions company that provides expert back-end technical and communication support. Through our partnership, Gr8motive hopes to enable organisations to gain access to our relationships with large service providers, such as the NDIS, so they may gain entry to these important businesses who are delivering services to Indigenous, First Australians.

We aim to provide introductions for an Indigenous organisation to provide increased access to technology to meet the needs of communities to receive important information and supports.

Indigenous Empowerment Network

 Indigenous Empowerment Network is a 100% Indigenous-owned and controlled company and are also a 100% Indigenous employer.  Through our partnership, we aim to provide increased opportunity for Indigenous organisations and individuals to access enterprise and personal workshops to upskill and improve their ability to access new markets successfully and achieve employment with other community-based organisations.

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As a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, Gr8motive relies on government funding and donations from the community to deliver our important programs.